As a certified funding agent provider for The Clearing House’s new payments rail, the RTP® network, Corporate One can facilitate the 24/7/365 management of the settlement and funding requirements for real-time payment transactions, requirements which could be overly burdensome for credit unions to administer on their own.

Using Corporate One as your funding agent partner is a simple and smart way to outsource the comprehensive management of around-the-clock settlement and funding associated with real-time payments participation.

Corporate One’s funding agent services are complimentary for receive-only participants on the RTP® network. We encourage establishing a funding-agent relationship at the beginning of your real-time payments journey to keep your future transition to becoming a send/receive participant that much easier.

Our Funding Agent Service for the RTP® network sets up credit unions for success.

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How to designate Corporate One as your Funding Agent.

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Our funding agent service:

  • Provides comprehensive 24/7/365 facilitation and management of a credit unions’ real-time payment transactions

  • Offers around-the-clock monitoring and management of funds

  • Simplifies cash management, settlement and reconciliation by combining real-time payments with a credit union’s existing settlement account for seamless transparency

  • Provides convenient and consolidated access to reports right from a credit union’s account

  • And lowers the pre-funded requirement a credit union must maintain with the Fed thanks to aggregation.